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A dramatic short film about a troubled cop who struggles to heal from a past tragedy so he can reclaim his life.

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Project History

While I have acted in many films by others over the years -- and have a lot of experience producing, writing, and directing for the theatre, this is the first professional film that I also wrote and produced under a SAG-AFTRA agreement.

We came up with the basic story for one of the scenes in the film in the midst of the lockdown, but as the Covid crisis wore on, and we were all faced with these collective mental health issues, the story took on a more immediate personal relevance for me.

I drew from my history with emotional traumas, but more importantly, I drew from my history of surviving those traumas, and I developed and fleshed out the story further, expanding the script to encourage others to persevere. The script has gone through multiple revisions. I have consulted with therapists & psychologists who specialize in treating patients who have suffered through trauma, as well as professional readers within the film industry.

And, after weeks reviewing and auditioning around 400 submissions, I had all my first choices of actors accept my offers, so we have a cast of exceptionally talented and diverse professional performers with major credits to their names, who will truly embody the characters they are portraying.

After what we have all been going through during this difficult & stressful period of living in a global pandemic for over a year, it is my hope that this film will not only reflect those struggles but offer some hope as well.

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